5 Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Hair Color
Posted on May 16, 2016 in Coloring
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Keep your hair looking fresh between appointments with these tips.

1- A Quality color safe Shampoo.

This one seems like a no brainer but not all shampoos are what they say they are. The last things you want are a stripping shampoo or one that leaves waxy residue. Malibu color wellness and Nevo sulfate free are my favorites. They cleanse without being too harsh but clean enough to leave your hair ready for the day

2-Don’t Shampoo every day!

Easier said than done right? but every time you wash your hair you take a little bit of your color with it, no matter how good your color or shampoo is. This is also better for the health of your hair in general. When you wash your hair too much, your body feels the need to produce extra oil from your scalp, leaving you with even oilier hair over time. Ideally, wash your hair every third day (unless you are doing a lot of swimming, working construction, etc.) Cleansing conditioners are great to use if you cant seem to get by without washing every day.

3- Avoid spending too much time in direct sunlight/Use UV protectant

You might not even know you”re already doing this one. most brands put uv protectants in many of their styling products. leave in conditioners and heat protectant sprays are the most likely to contain these products. next time you come in, we can go over what products you may already have that contain a UV protectant or I can help you find a new product to try!

4- Shampoo the Roots, condition the ends

This is not just advice for people with colored hair, but does wonders (especially with bright fashion shades). concentrating your shampoo to the scalp cleans your scalp and the most oily part of your hair, while concentrating your conditioning to the ends stops them from becoming dry since the oil does not usually reach them. If your hair seems to fade the most towards the ends, try this out.

5- Cold rinses

While not necessary for everyone, If your color seems to fade especially fast (reds tend to do this the most), try rinsing your shampoo and conditioner with cold water. while uncomfortable, it makes sure that the least amount of color leaves your hair and locks in what remains. plus it’ll wake you up in the morning!





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