Why I decided to open a cruelty-free salon
Posted on May 16, 2016 in Sarah-Grace
Sarah-Grace-Conscious Beauty

We see animal testing in the cosmetic industry becoming less popular as we have become more aware of what it really means. For me it started with a presentation from one of my classmates on the subject in high school. since then, I’ve been doing a lot more research and trying to do what I can not to support animal cruelty. I’ve been vegan for several years, even as a child, I was concerned about how we treated the animals we share this planet with. I don’t believe there is any justification in this day and age to test cosmetic products on animals with the way that technology has advanced, and it seems as if a lot of people agree with me.

Although not everyone may be ready to take the leap and cut out animal products completely, an easy step to take is not condoning animal testing! In doing my research to open this salon studio, I’ve realized how many salon brands agree with me. Many of the top Salon lines boast vegan ingredients and do not condone animal testing. Seeing that I didn’t have to sacrifice my quality of service to go cruelty free was the push I needed to go out on my own and use the products I believe in.


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